PYRAMID drawings – first time in 1976 on a TR 440 mainframe and a Calcomp Plotter by this domain owner.

AWARD – first time – named PYRAMID in Micro Movie Award in 1994 by this domain owner.

ART BLUE claims PYRAMID AWARD for a competition in DIGITAL ART. PYRAMIDAWARD.COM was claimed “First Come First Served”.

A registration of “PYRAMID AWARD” by a third party as a word mark would not affect “this claim”. The words pyramid and award are common in the English language and shall stay free to be used and combinded by everyone. [German and European patent law]. Nevertheless IP rights on PYRAMID AWARD for DIGITAL ART are hereby stated.

Reiner Schneeberger aka ART BLUE

Dorfstr. 16, D-04416 Markkleeberg

Contact: info [a] pyramidaward.com

PYRAMID AWARD is published in “rez Magazine”, “Werktitelschutzanzeiger”, in Facebook and by others ways of electronic propaganda.


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